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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why this stereotypical mindset?

Hmmm…I guess this is really a very abrupt way to start a blog but then I again I guess this time as good as any…don't you think so??

Well today was like any other day i.e. like any other day of summer vacations…wonder why I call it vacations!! I mean a grueling 7 hours entrance coaching is hardly what you consider vacations!!

To brief you about this torture house, it is called PRIME and don't ask me what is stands for coz I have no idea! It is headed by 2 guys namely KM and RA of which the latter is a psycho!

And do you seriously want to know what the rules of this institution are??

Well here they go

  1. Different staircase for boys and girls
  2. Boys and girls may not talk with each other unless you want to consider suspension!
  3. CCTV cameras in every class just to make sure that we don't snooze of in their very boring classes!
  4. Usage of elevator is not permitted and instead we have to use the staircase to climb 4 floors
  5. Minimum of 300 questions have to be done after every chapter in every subject for which the time period allotted is 3 days


Well today was a little different from the other days coz I seriously had the thought of stopping PRIME and when I came forward with this idea in front of my parents…trust me all hell broke loose!!

They wouldn't even hear of the idea of me stopping classes. I tried convincing them that private coaching would be much more useful but they just wouldn't listen.

They don't understand the fact that I'm not interested in engineering. They feel that's the only career with scope in today's world and I seriously disagree!!

We had something I call the modern mahabharta at home today following this idea!! I mean taking the science stream is bad enough and now torturing myself for an entrance for which I'm hardly interested is not my idea of a normal life. Also I feel all this unwanted pressure parents put on academically weak kids to opt for engineering or medicine is totally unwarranted. Don't you all agree with me??

I mean a kid should be allowed to do what he/she feels is the best suited for oneself. India has its fair share of engineers as well as doctors…like almost 10 lakh people pass out as engineers from India….so why the hell does our country need more of these people??!!

There are so many other careers one can opt for in today's world like a officer in the merchant navy, pilot, PR or HR executive, CS and so many more in the management side. You can check out sites on the net and you can find at least 1000 different jobs which provide you job satisfaction which a forced job can never give you. I'm not saying that engineering is bad or hopeless it's just that one should not be forced to do what he/she doesn't want to. Engineering is great for someone who has real intrest in that field. People feel that everyone looks upon only engineers and I'm very sad to say that I feel that it is exactly true in our society. People have to open their mind to all the other options that awaits them in this world and not just 1 or 2 courses which you do just to satisfy a bunch of people just so that you can earn their unwarranted respect. If you see in most countries in the world a carpenter is given as much as respect a MBA or M.Tech graduate is given and why is that? Just because people in these countries don't have a stereotypical mindset. I feel very sad to say that its not so in our country. Seeing a carpenter getting the same respect as a engineer in our society is just wishful thinking and I don't think I will ever see such a miracle happening before my eyes for as long as I live but I do hope that my future generations get to see that happening. So why should we younger generation suffer because of this stereotypical mindset?

It is us younger generation to whom it is upto to bring about a change in these mindsets of the people. If you don't want to do engineering or medicine or whatever it is your parents are forcing you to do I feel you must sit down and have a very frank conversation with them as to what you see yourselves becoming in the future which is exactly what I'm going to do right after I finish this post! And im sure what I have written is what every child of my age thinks. And if anyone can bring about a change in this stereotypical mindset it is us younger kids.



P.S. This being my first post I would like people to comment on it as to what they think about it and and people are welcome to add their own opinion based on this topic.


  1. SO TRUE!What is it with people??There's SO much more out there beyond engg. and med.People who dont think so should reaalize how terribly mistaken they are.You just cant end up with a career you dont like for the rest of your life..

  2. yh exactly... wonder what its gnna take 2 make ppl change their mind..

  3. I'm glad you mentioned merchant navy :D
    nice start..! hope to see you continue..! :D

  4. nice dhritul ! you write well.
    ( happy ?)