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Friday, June 12, 2009


Today was like any other day…I mean I got up did what I had to and went 2 PRIME and I didn't even last 2 hours today!! Guess its coz I think I've come down with a touch of viral fever today..been feelin blah the whole day.

I was just lying down and staring at the ceiling fan spinning aimlessly and that's when thoughts of FRIENDSHIP started coming to my mind. I was thinking as to how you can really define the word friendship. That's when the famous dialogue pyaar dosti hain i.e. love is friendship and vice versa from the movie kuch kuch hota hain came to my mind!! I mean can you call this love and love that real lovers share similar?? I really was stumped. I had no answer. I really don't have any right to answer this question unless I experience the latter form of love. So then what is friendship??

I would call it the substance that helps you overcome any odds and obstacles that come across your path during the journey we call life. But at the same time someone else would define friendship in an entirely different way. For all I know friendship could have over a million definitions.

But one thing for sure I have experienced the love friendship has to offer and that's why I can confidently say that I'm the luckiest man alive..!! These friends have shared space with me during both sad and happy times. They cried when I cried and they laughed when I laughed. That's the substance friendship should contain. These friends gave me hope when I had none. Today I can proudly say that I have the best friends in the world. Namely Paul, Aswin, Soorya, Mevin, Adi and Devika. I seriously don't know where I would have been if not for them. These are the only people in my whole life who have liked me for what I am. If people expect you to crawl behind them just so that you can gain their friendship I would tell them go to hell!!

These true friends never support you for your mistakes instead they help you correct them. Whatever they do is only for your good as opposed to GOOD friends, who help you in stuff they know is wrong but yet don't bother. That's the difference. True friends bother while good friends don't bother AS MUCH.

I really don't know what would happen to me if any of these friends ever leave me forever. I just hope such a situation never arises in my life.

To some people the word friendship is just a joke. To all such people out there "YOU ARE F****NG LOSERS". These people are an insult to the word friendship.

I don't blame small kids for not being serious about friendship. It took me quite a lot of years to actually value friendship. But it's when we young adults feign friendship matters turn sour.

I believe friendship is for everyone to enjoy and cherish. True friendship should be cherished like a sweet mango except that it should be for a lifetime.

Those of you out there who haven't yet experienced true friendship you should start on your quest without any further ado.

As time goes by I only hope my bond of friendship keeps thickening. So to everyone out there FRIENDSHIP SHOULD ALWAYS BE KEPT CLOSE TO YOUR HEART AND NEVER EVER FEIGN FRIENDSHIP.



  1. i seriously dnt agree with "rahul" in KKHH..!!
    love is NOT friendship n friendship is NOT love..
    there exists a saying..tht
    friends exist to wipe the tears that love left behind..

  2. hmmm gud....but i feel the love rahul talkks about is quite different from the other love..!!

  3. you mean the movie story??
    ok..yh definitely different..

  4. goto hand it to u bullu,dis is one gud piece!!!

  5. I dint noe u ryt so well...nyways...dis ones gud...Keep on ryting nd hu noes...ull beat athira sum day...:-P

  6. nice to see you've started writting your blog! nice piece! missing ye guys..!! cnt wait to get comin in sept..!!

  7. the guy whose name u mispelledSeptember 4, 2009 at 2:24 AM

    u had to mispell my name......